Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Native Deodorant (ALUMINUM-FREE / Coconut & Vanilla)

Ever since I started switching my products to natural, organic, and green, I've been on the hunt for a deodorant that not only has a nice scent, but one that performs just as well as conventional ones. For years, I used Secret and Dove because I loved the "Powder Fresh" scent. I didn't take this switch seriously until I found out that neither one of these brands is cruelty free. I hated using what I still had in my bathroom, so it motivated me to fully begin my search for a new/better deodorant. First, the most obvious change must be aluminum-free. It doesn't matter what the other ingredients are, since one of the main reasons for switching deodorants is to get away from aluminum and its potential to be harmful. I tried one brand, about three years ago, but the deodorant stank so bad I chucked it. I went right back to Secret and Dove because there was no way I was going to smell straight-up like a weird plant growing in my yard. Sorry. No thanks.

About two months ago I happened upon Native Deodorant. I can't recall if I saw this brand in a video, read about it in a blog post, or somehow just ran into it one day while looking around. Either way, I liked (still do) that the deodorant resembles conventional ones. It's stick-form, wind-up, and not as messy as some natural deodorants can be. To buy one by itself it's $12, which is not nearly as pricey as A LOT of natural deodorants are! What I REALLY love though is that you can save 17% if you sign up for their subscription service. So, it looks like this:

Without Subscription: TOTAL: $12 + tax ($1.05) = 13.05 with free shipping (US only).
With Subscription: TOTAL: $10 + tax ($0.88) = 10.88 with free shipping (US only).
  • Because this is a subscription service you will be charged either every month, every two months, every three months, or every four months. (You choose the frequency)
  • The subscription service will always cost $10.88.
  • * You can cancel your subscription at any time! 
  • ** You can also change the scent of the deodorant.
I chose the Coconut & Vanilla scent since I love both of those, and wanted my first experience with this brand to hopefully be something I enjoyed. Thankfully, the scent is absolutely delicious! I almost wish I could wear it as a perfume, but then that would be a little odd. Oh well! This deodorant seems to perform the same as conventional brands. It rolls on easily, nothing has to be heated in order to rub under my arms. It lasts ALL DAY LONG, even to the point where I have to clean it off when I shower at night. Plus, I haven't noticed it staining/smearing my shirts.

Caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), arrowroot powder, stearyl alcohol, baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, hydrogenated castor oil, polyglycerol-3 beeswax (cera bellina wax), jojoba esters, tocopherol (Vitamin E), L. acidophilus (natural bacteria found in your body already), maltodextrin, glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl undecylenate.

This deodorant is made with baking soda, for those that have sensitivities. Also, it contains beeswax so this is not vegan.

Our scented deodorants include a proprietary blend of oils. Due to FDA recommendations, we use the term “fragrance” to refer to these oils.

Native is cruelty free, paraben free, aluminum free, non toxic, and uses ingredients derived from plants and natural sources. Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this brand, and the scented deodorant that I have. I cannot wait until I receive my next order!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

What I'm Reading #6: "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green

Is reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars any less painful three years after first reading it? Answer: Absolutely not. So, I first read TFiOS in 2014, before the movie was released. Honestly, I never actually read the ending of the novel because I knew how it ended, and I couldn't bring myself to mentally and physically go there. The movie tore me up when Augustus Waters.... umm. I'll just leave my sentence hanging there like Peter Van Houten did in An Imperial Affliction. If you've read the novel, or seen the movie, you'll know what I just did. Hey, I'm trying to not spoil things, and also maybe trying to be clever.

Yeah. I know. Not quite pulling it off *insert a shrug emoji here*

For my very last Literature course to fulfill my Major (English) I was asked to read TFiOS in order to break down Green's ability to connect with adolescent developmental psychology. Basically, does John Green accomplish writing fiction and characters that speak to adolescent readers, and their own psychological development. Since I don't want to turn this into a rephrasing of my final, I'll just quickly say that I was required to revisit this novel, and I was not very happy about that.

When I first read this novel, I did so hesitantly because a lot people were divided when it came to Green's novels. Does he use a vocabulary that is too advanced for YA (Young Adult) readers? Since there was so much division, I put off reading any of Green's works until TFiOS (the movie) was about to be released. I love reading adapted novels first, so I convinced myself to read this one. Now, the first time I think I cried too much to think clearly but I did understand why some people don't like Green's style of writing. It is mature and sometimes unbelievable. Sorry. It is!

Do you know any teenagers that use professor-level vocabularies? Speak about politics in ways that aren't influenced by peers? I know I wasn't speaking that way when I was a teenager! However, what Green does present are ideas and situations that a lot of teens (adolescents) find themselves in. Green's ability to take thoughts, fears, hopes, desires, love, hate, romance, and familial ups-and-downs and showcase them in familiar ways is what I think draws readers to him. Not only does he connect with them where they may be emotionally, Green doesn't judge them. By using a more mature way of storytelling, it allows the readers to feel like they can take control of their own lives, and that their thoughts have value and importance in real life. The last thing anyone wants, especially teens, is to be talked down to. Right?

While reading through TFiOS with my Literature Cap on, I could see how Hazel needed to find out what would happen to her mom and dad when she died, because she didn't want their lives to have been so consumed with her and her cancer that they would be empty without her. It seems like a mature thing to do, and maybe most teens don't have those thoughts, but Hazel's situation was completely different. She knew her life would be short, and it pained her to think about what the next phase was for her parents. Hazel was guilty that her parents put so much of themselves into her care, she thought they had lost themselves. It's completely selfless of Hazel to want her parents to have something outside of her. Throughout the novel, I could feel her anxiety rise as the answer she sought was not answered. Augustus, on the other hand, needed to know that his life meant something. At seventeen, he knew he would die young and that he wouldn't be able to accomplish a lifetime full of remarkable things. However, Hazel was there to show him that even if he didn't become an astronaut (me speaking hypothetically here), write the next great novel, etc., the short time she had with him mattered. Sometimes, it's the simple things that have the biggest impact. When Augustus sat with Issac, let him cry, and egged Monica's house with him, he had an impact. It was his kindness, his humor, his smile, and his love for his friends that counted. Augustus feared that he would only be remembered for his cancer, but in the end, he was most remembered for the love that poured from him.

Even though Hazel and Augustus were given shorter lifespans, it didn't diminish their marks on the people around them. This, to me, is what stood out the most. I can argue reasons why John Green will probably never be one of my favorite authors, and some of the arguments will be the maturity with which Green uses for his younger characters, but... I can't deny the affect this novel had on me. It's life and death, romance, love, and the fears everyone has at some points in their lives.

So, this novel is incredibly sad and left me feeling overwhelmed with emotions, but, it's also thought-provoking. Everyone wants to matter in life. With that said, I don't think I can go in for a third helping of The Fault in Our Stars. It hurts, and that's okay.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Ever since I started switching all of my beauty products over to non toxic and all-natural, I had been dreading finding a shampoo that would work with and for my bratty hair. I say that because not only is my hair curly, but it has the tendency to get oily when the weather changes and my hormones are out of whack. Either way, my hair is not too accepting of new products, especially ones that are minus all of the disgusting ingredients. Bratty, see? So, when Maple Holistics reached out to me and offered to send me their Tea Tree Shampoo, I thought, "why not?' since it couldn't hurt to try something new, something sulfate free, and something that could be really good.

From September 30th to Halloween night, I used this Tea Tree shampoo every time I washed my hair. At first, I think my hair went through a detox period, or something, because it felt and looked nice for about two days, and then my hair got really oily. N O T E: This is not uncommon when switching products to ones with better ingredients, nor is it unusual for my hair. However, I hate it when my hair acts up, so I told myself not to stop using it and to give my hair time to adjust to the product. I am so thankful that I did that because my hair (after a week) started looking refreshed and healthy! After I got my haircut in October, I noticed my hair felt lighter than usual and more bouncy (remember, I have curly hair).

Needless-to-say, this product has fast become a favorite of mine!

Okay, the main ingredients are: Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil. <-- I have no complaints about the scent of tea tree since I have tea tree oil, and am used to the way it smells. The scent of the tea tree in this shampoo is by no means sweet or fragrant and yummy like conventional brands, but it's also not overwhelming or long-lasting. By the time I'm out of the shower, my hair barely has a tea tree oil scent in it.

About Tea Tree Shampoo, Maple Holistics says: "Our Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is the hair care solution you've been dreaming of! Boasting wonderful therapeutic benefits thanks to the incredible effects of natural tea tree oil, this shampoo can improve hair and scalp health while promoting hair growth and even slowing hair loss. Suitable for men, women, and children, our Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is cruelty-free, parabens-free, GMO-free, and gluten free."

I read something a while back that shampoo should be used only in the roots, and conditioner only at the base of the hair. I tried that since shampoos/conditioners in the past made my hair feel heavy, gritty, and oily. Another thing I read, and started implementing earlier this year is to not use the same brand for shampoo/conditioner at the same time. This worked for me since I was only sent the shampoo. I have been pairing the Tea Tree shampoo with a Desert Essence conditioner, and have been getting good results! With that said, every other week I use an Adalou Naturals shampoo in order to let my hair rest from one product/brand. I usually always have two shampoos and two conditioners in the shower at all times. It sounds crazy, but it works for me. When I go back to the Tea Tree shampoo, my hair soaks it up and always looks nice the next day! I love that it is now a product I can depend on when I want my hair to look nice and fresh for an event, etc.

Overall, I definitely want a new bottle of this when I run out! I also want to check out other products from Maple Holistics, including conditioner. Have you tried them? What do you think?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

Admittedly, I bought this mask because it said "Pumpkin Honey." I figured there could be no better product to buy in the Fall, and since I've never tried anything with pumpkin before, it was a win-win. Thankfully, I've been pleasantly surprised by its performance! If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know that Andalou Naturals is one of my favorite organic/natural brands. It's not only one of the first natural brands I tried, it's also one of the ones that actually works with and for my skin. I've never had any breakouts or irritation when using Andalou products.

I had very high hopes for this Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask, and I have not been disappointed. I've been using it almost nightly for an entire month, choosing to use it after I take off my makeup. The results: in the morning my skin looks brighter and nourished. My skin tends to look dull if I don't use the proper products, so I usually see or don't see quick results when using products that claim to be brightening, refreshing, and nourishing. Yes. My skin reacts fast with products because it's sensitive. I usually know within 24 hours if a product is going to work for me or not. Unfortunately, my skin breaks out super easily.

I've been wearing the mask almost every day for the last month, but, to really test it, I went two days without it, and then used the mask again last night. This morning, I can already see that my skin looks brighter and feels softer! I've had zero spots and blemishes, no redness, and no irritation. However, if I had any complaints, the scent of this mask is not my favorite. It doesn't bother me, but just know there's nothing sweet or even overly pumpkin-y about the way this mask smells.

Overall, I truly have fallen in love with the Pumpkin Honey mask and will definitely be repurchasing! It makes it more enjoyable, I think, to use it this time of the year. Happy shopping and masking!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'Poldark' Season 3 Episode 8 Finale (my thoughts and rambles)

After months of waiting, Poldark's third season premiered on October 1st and now it's already over. This season, like the previous two, did not fail to deliver in the drama department. Each season is packed with drama, romance, action, and heart-wrenching goodbyes to beloved characters. Sunday night everything was up-in-the-air, but the women of the show stepped up and took control. It's refreshing to see the girls, especially Morwenna, stand up to the men and demand equal respect. Demelza has been doing this since she met Ross, but Elizabeth and Morwenna have bowed their heads at times and let their husbands run the show. It's refreshing to see women portrayed in a positive light, right? I know women were not treated with much respect during this time period, but not every woman was a push-over, either.

In the season finale, Demelza was faced with keeping her vows to her husband, or falling for the guy that has been showering her with poems and the attention she lacked from Ross. Elizabeth finally took a stand when it came to George's horrible actions, pride, and jealousy. Morwenna, on the other hand, faced the biggest challenge in protecting herself from her vile husband.

Rapid fire thoughts...

- Right from the start, France is getting closer and closer to Cornwall, which is bad news because Cornwall is not properly equipped to protect itself. This is the tension buildup, but also the disguise because the real drama is hidden in the houses of the Cornwall residents.
- While Ross and Cornall prepare for France's attack... George arrives back at Trenwith.
- Elizabeth and Geoffrey Charles make a pact to try and not offend George. Yeah right.
- And look, eight minutes into the episode George is already demanding terrible things be done to Drake, his property, and in turn Ross. Can Drake EVER CATCH A BREAK?
- Speaking of evil, Whitworth tries to keep Morwenna sedated so he can carry on his gag-inducing times with Rowella. This guy is made of slime.
- Oh look, Rowella is with child. I did say gag-inducing, right?!
- The Captain in Ross is unleashed as he prepares the men to protect their country.
- But Tholly and Sam do. not. approve.
- Of course George is insanely jealous of this. *insert eye-rolling emoji here*
- George has Tom Harry damage Drake's shop.
- Demleza knows it's George's doing.
- Ross is like, "Elizabeth would never allow this, because she's a freakin' angel."
- Demelza and Tholly are not having this. They tag-team Ross, but he's not interested, again, in standing up for his people. Boy. BYE.
- Demelza foreshadows what happens, because she's pretty much always right: "If you do not challenge the corrupt and unjust. Then commoners will rise, and you will be powerless to help them." Which Ross responds with his go-to line: "What would you have me do?" Uh. It's pretty obvious, Ross. Step up. Be a man. Stop letting your pride get in the way. Open your stubborn eyes to the bigger picture. All of the above? Yeah.
- Every time Ross tells Demelza to seek what she wants somewhere else, Armitage is somewhere fist-pumping. This could not get any easier for him.
- Dwight tells Armitage he will be completely blind within several months. Poor guy!
- However, that doesn't give you the right, loverboy, to actively seek out another man's wife.
- Tom Harry burns down Drake's shop. REALLY?!
- Drake goes to Elizabeth, with GC's encouragement, and DANG she steps up. She called Tom Harry a "brute" and demanded he be released from his job. Hallelujah!
- But since Tom Harry is one of the worst characters ever, he and his brute-buddies nearly beat Drake to death. This is my last straw.
- George is evil.
- Whitworth is evil.
- TOM HARRY IS ALSO THE DEVIL. Can we talk about how disgusting this man is? Yes, Geroge and Whitworth are another level when it comes to slime, but Tom Harry has been carrying out viscious acts since he arrived. Do we remember he shot Demelza last season?
- Dude, you're done. Goodbye.
- Although Drake denies any knowledge of his attackers, Demelza, Sam, Dwight and Caroline know it is Geroge's brutes. However, since George holds an office position, he will not be punished.
- And then Sam steps up because NO ONE MESSES WITH HIS BROTHER.
- With the help of Tholly, and the angry people, they rise up against...
- ROSS?! Yep. Ouch.
- First, Elizabeth mic-drops in one of her finest moments. George has some thinking to do.
- Second, Morwenna tells Whitworth to never touch her again, or she'll smother their child.
- Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
- But, she didn't really mean it. Thank goodness! Well, she didn't mean she'd smother her son, the other stuff, oh she meant that because Whitworth is a despicable human being.
- Third, Demelza finds out about *cough Ross kissing Elizabeth* which Ross plays off as no big deal.
- Fourth, Demelza thinks it is a big deal, and tells Ross to keep his secrets and she'll keep hers.
- Ross finally looks like he did in the Season 2 finale, and here we are again in another finale and he's about to lose his wife. Will you ever learn?!
- And it all circles back to Sam, Tholly, and the angry people taking a stand. Ross was misinformed, and he with Dwight, Zacky, and others, literally face-off against their own people.
- Can we get any more dramatic?
- Ross can't have this. He finally does what we've all been wanting: the next time he's offered a position, he will not deny it. Now I'm the one fist-pumping! I knew you'd figure it all out boo, but...
- Armitage drops the "I'm going blind card."
- Demelza accepts said card and gives in to Armitage and all of his sappy Sonnets.
- Nice camera work to make her wedding ring so prominent in that scene, btw.
- I have to say, Jack and Heida have a brilliant scene!!! Elizabeth unleashes it all on George.
- George actually cries.
- What's worse is I actually felt bad for him for a moment.
- What is happening to me? Me feel bad for George? Yuck.
- And then, Ross arrives home and finds out Demelza is gone. I think I heard his heart crack.
- I really do love you, Ross.
- Demelza does come home, but the state of their marriage is once again a question mark.

Thank you, Season 3 for delivering all kinds of fun, excitement, and heartbreak.

See you next year!

Monday, November 13, 2017

'Poldark' Season 3 Episdode 7 (my thoughts and rambles)

Last night's 7th episode of Poldark offered up everything from George being George, but just more angsty, Whitworth being horrifyingly perverse, Drake pining for Morwenna, Armitage upping his pining and Sonnet writing for Demelza, Demelza semi-pining for Armitage, and Ross being openly jealous of Armitage. All-in-all, this episode had a dash of everything! Not bad for the penultimate episode of Season 3. Yes, it's all over Sunday and I'm already dreading the long wait for Season 4.

Rapid fire thoughts...

- The show is already different without Aunt Agatha. Her presence will be truly missed.
- Whitworth and Geroge are vying for the creepiest and most evil character.
- I have to say, Whitworth hands-down beat George in this episode.
- Every. Single. Time. Slimeworth was on my television screen, I felt physically sick. He is one of the most disgusting characters EVER! It's no surprise at all that George somehow managed to find this guy and force him to marry Morwenna. George is terrible.
- Speaking of: I don't know what Morwenna ever did to be treated the way she has been BY HER OWN FAMILY. Ugh! I cannot believe Elizabeth allowed her to marry that man.
- Seriously, is Morwenna's mother not even a little bit curious about Whitworth? Is she so desperate for her daughter to be married she doesn't even check to see if it's what Morwenna wants?
- I am so outraged by this entire story arc, if you couldn't tell.
- Within 15 minutes, Armitage rode over to Nampara land bearing a plant for Demelza. She swooned, but Ross was starting to look a little green.
- Not fun watching your spouse pine for somebody else. Right, Ross?
- Did we see that Ross purposely got Garrick involved? *insert laughing/crying emoji*
- Prudie just wants Demelza to be loved. If it's not Ross, she thinks Armitage should try.
- Armitage actually rides a white horse. Prince Charming MUCH?
- Ross is NOT amused.
- Dwight is also not amused by George and/or Whitworth. Maybe he should switch professions. Then he wouldn't have to deal with two of the most vile men on the planet.
- But he is amused by Ross and Demelza's life and even wonders if that's what his will look like when he and Caroline have a family? Oh look... that's me swooing in the corner!!!!!
- Armitage is not amused, because he finds Garrick absolutely "charming" which further proves my point that he is (or is trying to be) Prince Charming.
- Caroline is definitely amused, or at least anxious over this whole Armitage dreamboat stuff.
- Dwight just wants Armitage not to embarrass himself in front of everybody.
- Too late.
- George wishes modern day technology was around so he can DNA test Valentine.
- Elizabeth doesn't understand why George is giving her the cold shoulder. For real, girl???
- I say good riddance!
- Geoffrey Charles IS BACK and he just wants to eat cakes sans Uncle George.
- That kid is a genius I say.
- Whitworth spying on Rowella in her various states of dress, and undress.... and doing disgusting things to his wife? Nope. SOMEONE PUSH HIM OFF A CLIFF NOW PLEASE!
- I'm thinking Rowella seduces Whitworth in order to get him away from Morwenna. What say you?
- Once again, I am a fan of Elizabeth. Two episodes in a row?! Wow.
- I'm not even mad at that scene between Ross and Elizabeth at the church. I think they needed to hash out everything that's ever happened to them. Closure and all, right?
- I just wish Ross was honest about it with Demelza.
- Armitage confessed his love for Demelza *gasp*
- She sang him a song. I'm talking about Armitage.
- Ross felt his heart break, but still applauded his wife because she sings like an angel.
- Bro. I feel ya, I really do.
- Ross and Demelza are still end game, but life doesn't just hand people easy times. I have faith they will eventually figure everything out and find the contentment and happiness they deserve.

And now we wait for the finale, *weeps*


Thursday, November 9, 2017

'Poldark' Season 3 Episode 6 (my thoughts and rambles)

Guess who's back? You didn't think I would forget to share my thoughts on Poldark's sixth episode, did you? I had to re-watch the episode, since there was so much that went down Sunday night. It needed to be seen more than once in order to take it all in. The amount of juxtaposition and foreshadowing in this episode is mind-boggling! There was happy couples paired with miserable couples, and then the whammy of a happy Demelza and Ross paired with that WHAT THE HECK moment near the end. You know, when they're on the beach and Ross is all like "Maybe you married the wrong guy." And then Demelza is like, "Yeah, maybe I did, but at least there's the cute stalker guy waiting for me. So, peace out buddy." There may be a lot of paraphrasing and exaggerating in my recap, but it still applies, right? Why, oh why, did my happy bubble have to burst? Ross and Demelza seemed to finally be in a good place, and then Hugh Whats-His-Name shows up, and now Demelza is pointing out how unromantic Ross really is.

Lady, have you seen that man riding a horse? JUST SAYING *deep breaths* just saying.

Rapid fire...

- The very beginning of this episode is SO reminiscent of Season One Episode Three! Jinny and Jim's wedding when Ross and Demelza danced. Oh my goodness. I ADORE that scene! The music in it is still one of my favorite's used in the entire series. I actually found the scene HERE for anyone that wants to relive it, because baby Delmelza and baby Ross before they were married? Adorable.
- I've already re-watched this scene a dozen times. Yep. Still makes my heart happy.
- Did I see Sam looking interested in a girl? Wow. Maybe something's about to go down.
- Sad Drake paired with a shockingly pregnant Morwenna. NOOOOOOOOO! Guys, I'm about to barf at the thought of Morwenna being pregnant with Whitworth's child. G-R-O-S-S!
- Oh hello Ross and Delmelza. I'm content if you're content. *smooches*
- Aunt Agatha preparing for her 100th(?) Birthday! Love it that she unabashedly name-dropped "Poldark" on the guest list. In your face, Georgie! Don't like it? There's a cliff over there...
- Speaking of: I really hate that guy.
- But, dare I say I loved Elizabeth throughout this entire episode? Are pigs flying? For the first time, I can see that she may be a decent person underneath all of the aristocracy. She teamed up against George for Agatha's benefit, made sarcastic comments to his face, and even loved on Valentine! The final scene between her and Agatha ripped my heart right out of my chest.
- And then we get a shirtless Drake. Sad shirtless Drake to be more correct. Who cares, right?
- Also shirtless Ross.
- Calm down ladies! (Imeancalmdownyourselfbecauseyeahcutiepiesleftandright).
- I love that Aunt Agatha basically told George to leave and never return. Cya, Georgie!
- I believe I cackled at that. Yep, I went there.
- Dwight and Caroline are "officially" married!!!!! YAY!!!! #Team Dwightline? Carowight?
- I'm really trying to make one of these hashtags happen. Is it a thing yet?
- Then there's Heart-Eyes Hugh Armitage. Need a bucket for your drool, man?
- Yes, Morwenna, your husband is a giant pig and indeed a "monster."
- But many thanks to Morwenna for taking one for all of the Drake fans out there. She only married Slimeworth to save the life of her beloved. I am so depressed over this.
- So some of that juxtaposing: Dwight telling Caroline "Every night is our wedding night" is the definition of swoon-worthy. Ross telling Demelza he'll be home before supper? Womp womp.
- Then the mother of all foreshadowing beautifully and hilariously happens: Armitage charmed his way into Sir Francis' party to see his dreamgirl Delemza. ACTUAL QUOTES, because I can't make anything this good up... ROSS: "Armitage, are we never to be rid of you?" ARMITAGE: "You'll be sorry you ever saved me." ROSS: "I regret the venture daily." Of course he said that jokingly, but foreshadowing and all, yikes. *insert me cackling again out of nervousness and anxiousness*
- Armitage, Armitage, Armitage. You're cute, boo, but also super creepy. No wonder the guy is a solider. I mean it takes guts to be able to flirt and pine for a married woman, but doing so while her husband is in the same room? WHO DOES THAT?! Oh wait. Armitage... and Ross...
- But back to Armitage: do you want Ross to throw you over one of those cliffs? You know he will once he finally catches on to your antics. Go away and stay away from Demelza.
- SMH!
- So Armitage is crafting up Sonnets and drawing sketches of and for Demelza, and Ross is off letting George take up all the important positions. Not cool, Ross, not cool.
 - You are literally handing your wife over to Armitage.
- Demelza was wearing the same dress she wore in Season One Episode Four (my favorite episode) when she made her debut as a lady, and we all knew with certainty Ross is in love with her!
- HERE is the scene if you need another refresher. You're welcome.
- Also, I don't know how I feel about her wearing that dress with Armitage hanging all over her.
- George finds out nobody likes him, because they all like Ross. LOL.
- He takes his anger out on Aunt Agatha. I'm about to turn into a WWE wrestler and slam a folding chair over his head. How dare he speak to my dear great Aunt that way?
- Aunt Agatha lets slip that Valentine looks nothing like George because Ross is most definitely his biological father. Oh my snap.
- Anyone else catch the look of fear in Elizabeth's eyes when George entered the room?  
-That man has gone off the deep end.
- George is such a horrible person.
- Which leaves me with the passing of Aunt Agatha. I knew it was going to happen, but it doesn't lessen the blow. Aunt Agatha died from a broken heart. She was disrespected and dishonored by George, and there's no excusing the deplorable ways in which she was treated.
- My heart jumped in the grave Ross was digging at the end of the episode. I am going to miss that woman like crazy. Goodbye Aunt Agatha! Thank you for nearly three beautiful seasons.
- *weeps*

P.s. I need Geoffrey Charles to come back, ASAP.